Create an Aquarium Field Trip Journal

So we decided to take a field trip to an aquarium for a little “underwater” hands-on science.

To help tie in other elements of our first grade curriculum, we created an Aquarium Journal.

On the Road to the Field Trip

The journal was designed to also give the kids something to do on the road trip to he aquarium.  The front and back of each journal were made with construction paper.  Each kid was given a bag with stickers, a pencil, and crayons to utilize to decorate their journal cover while we were traveling to the field trip location.  Additionally, the first page of the journal contained a word search for the kids to stay entertained in the car.

At the Aquarium

The next two pages included a 1-2-3 game to play while at the aquarium, along with five animal fact file sheets for the kids to make notes about the five animals they enjoyed seeing most while at the aquarium.

Back in the Classroom

Finally, the journal ended with two pages to do once we returned to the classroom, so students could recount their experience at the aquarium.

Free Pages to Make an Aquarium Journal

The links below are to free pages you can print and put into your own journal.  Select the ones that work best for you.