Unique Photos Now on Adobe Stock Photos

Recently I donated blood, had a really bad reaction, and ended up in the ER getting a spinal tap to ensure I didn’t have a brain bleed.  Following complications from the spinal tap, I found myself on complete bed rest for three days.  The good news is, I finally decided to do what I said I was giong to do for years … upload some of my favorite photos that I have taken to Adobe Stock Photo.

Not only was it a great way to pass 72 hours of pure boredem, but, mentally, it validated that I might just be a good amature photographer afterall.

I have been taking photos for years.  In fact, for my daughter’s Kindergarten Graduation Photos, I took more than 1000 photos for the 40 pictures I actually ended up loving.   My philosophy has long been, never stop snapping in a photo shoot because that’s how you’ll capture the perfect smile, the funny moment, and the money shot.

I wish I could say that every photo I uploaded was accepted.  That wasn’t the case.

Of the first 96 photos I edited and uploaded to the site (from my phone mind you because I couldn’t use my laptop while laying completely flat in bed), I received daily rejection emails for more than half of them.  Adobe Stock has a team of people who review every photo submitted for a variety of elements.  It was a bit disheartening at first, but then one day I got an email that showed a few of the photos had been accepted by Adobe.  A few hours later, another email came letting me know some of the photos had been selected.

Then I really got excited about taking or finding unique photos and uploading them to the Adobe Stock Photo site.

My passion is nature and landscape photography, especially animals.  While photos of humans tend to be more popular on the Adobe Stock site because of their ability to help people find stock photos for advertising and marketing purposes, it’s just not my passion.

I may never make a dime from the photos I take, but it is a hobby I truly enjoy.  I told my husband when I uploaded the first image that the photos weren’t making me any money at all sitting in my Dropbox Folder.  What harm did it do for them to not make me any money at all sitting in Adobe Stock.  Since their platform is one of my favorite photography sites as a marketer to purchase stock images from, it’s just neat having bragging rights to know some of my photos are in their database, too.

So if you’re looking for a silly photo of an animal, a unique sunset image, or a random landscape or city image to use in your stock photo collection, head on over to my Adobe Stock portofolio and see if there’s something you can use.