The Best Free Kindergarten & First Grade Worksheets & Activities

When COVID-19 catapulted me into being a working mom to a kindergarten student in the spring of 2020, I didn’t know where to start.  Our school had sent home “required” kindergarten math and reading worksheets for my daughter to do, along with a few art assignments.  But when I spread them out over the time alloted to do them, I quickly realized she’d been given about 15 minutes worth of work per day.  After the first week, I also realized she was no longer mastering her spelling words the way she had done in the past.

So I gave myself a quick tutorial in being an educator through Google, Pinterest, YouTube, and several other sites.  During my quest for knowledge on how to be a full-time working mom and a homeschool mom, I discovered supplemental learning activities, created a few of my own printable worksheets for kindergaten students, and began researching hands-on learning activities.

To help other moms who may find themselves in a similar situation, or to help parents looking for kindergarten and first grade homeschool ideas, I’ve listed some of my favorite resources below.  Most are free.  Some you have to pay for, but I’ve included them because I found them super helpful.  If you click on a link to a product in Amazon, I do get a teeny-tiny commission if you buy it … but I have only listed the products that truy have enhanced my daughter’s education.

You can find all of the FREE kindergarten worksheets and other resources I have created and used with my daughter by clicking here.  There are a few of the worksheets or packets that took me a lot of time to put together, but they’re all available for under $5 by clicking here.  My goal is to add regurarly to these resources as I develop things that truly work for us!!

Most of the products listed below I did NOT create.  I’m so thankful to all of the others out there who have offered so many valuable free resources.

Kindergarten Readers

Sight Word Reader + Spelling Practice Worksheets ($3.99)
The Treasured Mom Sight Word Readers Set (Free)

Kindergarten Phonics Worksheets & Lessons

Old MacDonald’s Short Vowel Farm ($7.00)
Short A Flip Book (Free)
Short A CVC Word Worksheets (Free)
Short Vowel Word Families Worksheets (Free)

Kindergarten Sight Word Worksheets & Games

Tricky & Confusing Words Worksheet (Free)
21 Sight Word Practice Worksheets (Free)
41 Sight Word Practice Worksheets ($3.99)
Spell -OULD Words Worksheet ($1.00)
Sight Word Swat Game ($16.99)

Kindergarten Math Worksheets

Race to Buy Tires Money Game ($1.00)
Pop the Piggy Money Game (Free)
Learning About Coins Worksheets (Free)
Coin Identification Worksheets (Free)
A Write the Room Freebie for Telling Time (Free)
Telling Time Freebie (Free)
Telling Time Puzzles (Free)
Insect Measurement (Free)

Kindergarten Art Projects

Make a Rainbow Worksheet ($1.00)

Kindergarten Science Worksheets

Bugs Insect Observation Worksheet (Free)
Insects PowerPoint (Free)
All About Plants Worksheet (Free)
Plant a Garden Worksheets (Free)
Little Big Book About Space ($9.99)
Space Writing Prompts Worksheets (Free)
Phases of the Moon Flip Book (Free)
Solar System Mini Book (Free)
Solar System Cut & Paste Worksheet (Free)
Sun, Stars, & Moon, Day & Night ($3.00)

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