Growth Mindset : New Year Lesson Ideas for First Grade

Children’s belief systems define their success. Teaching growth mindset is a way to help them improve their self-esteem.

Growth mindset is the opposite of a fixed mindset. A child with a fixed mindset believes they cannot change their character, creativity, or potential for success. By teaching growth mindset, children learn how to face challenges with an optimistic point of view. When they fail at something, they learn how to use the experience to learn and improve upon for future success.

General Resources

These resources should be utilized throughout the year. The posters can be put up on the wall and the rewards should be handed out whenever the child is caught utilizing their growth mindset.

Lesson Plans

Below are some lesson ideas you can utilize for growth mindset with first graders.


Writing Activities

A great way to carry the lesson into ELA is by utilizing growth mindset writing activities.

General Activities

Hands-on activities are a great way to reinforce and allow students to practice growth mindset vocabulary and emotions.

Read Alouds & Activities

Each story below makes a great independent lesson coupled with an activity. Read the story and then do the accompanying activity.