First Grade Center Ideas for Homeschool

One of the things my daughter has missed most since we started doing virtual school is hands-on centers.  She loved them in pre-K and in first grade.  In virtual public school, hands-on centers have been replaced with online games and learning activities.  But first graders need hands-on things too, and her teacher has told me if we were in the classroom, she would be doing a lot of hands-on learning.

For others looking for ways to supplement their child’s knowledge by creating first grade centers or stations, I’ll update this post regularly throughout the 2020-2021 school year with the activities we add that work for us.  I’ll note if they’re free centers or the price of them beside them.

First Grade Literacy Centers

Silly Sentences Game (Free)
Word Building Learn to Spell Mat (Free)
Word Family Mats (Free)
Sight Word Swat Game ($16.99)
Hot Cocoa Noun & Verb Sorting (Free)
First Grade Reference Guide (Free)
Sentence Building (Free)
Flower Power Diphthong -OU – OW (Free)
Diphthong Centers (Free)
Word Work Activities (Free)

First Grade Math Centers

Race to Buy Tires Money Game ($1.00)
Pop the Piggy Money Game (Free)
Telling Time Puzzles (Free)
Insect Measurement (Free)
Acorn Subtraction (Free)
Acorn Addition (Free)

First Grade Science Centers

1st Grade Science Full Year Workbook (Free)
Rainbow Jar Science Experiment (Free)
Egg Head Planters (Free)

First Grade Writing Ideas

Student Book Recommendations (Free)
Writing with Rubric (Free)

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