Oh Sweet Summertime! Matching Mother-Daughter Swimsuits

One of the hardest things about being a mom is knowing your kiddos are only little for a little while.  And while they’re little, one of the best things is knowing how much they look up to you and want to be just like you.

At six years old, my little girl gets super excited whenever we get the opportunity to match.  So this summer we decided to search for matching swimsuits for mommy and daughter on Amazon.  We started out looking for matchings swimsuits for family, but we quickly discovered the only ones we found that fit the entire family were in pink … and let’s face it, Dad wouldn’t have been overly thrilled to wear pink swimtrunks.

I was a bit nervous to order the Yolipuli Mother and Daughter Matching Rashgauard Swimsuits because I’ve never order a swimsuit without trying it on.  And I’m not the easiest to fit.  My torso isn’t long, but it’s longer than the normal swimsuit.  Plus, I’ve put on about 30 pounds since the last time I truly went swimsuit shopping.

Amazingly, the swimsuits fit fairly true to size.  Knowing she would grow a lot, I ordered my daughter’s swimsuit one size larger than the size chart recommended.  It came in slightly big, but to be honest, it is the only swimsuit she owns where I don’t have to continually remind her to “do a booty check”.  So that was a plus.

I’m a solid size 10, so I ordered the XL swimsuit.  It fits, but I wish I would have gone one size larger.  I can get it on by myself, but I have to have assistance getting it off.  It’s just a little too small in my sholders.  So I’d also recommend in the adult swimsuit, go one size up.  I could have sent mine back for a larger size, but I wanted to ensure I had it for our family vacation, and it wouldn’t have allowed enough time to make that happen.

When it comes to quality, I am very impressed with the swimsuits.  I’ve washed them six times now, and they still look new.  They’re very well made, especially if you consider I purchased both of them for less than the price I usually pay for just my swimsuit.  I plan to order a few more matching swimsuits for us to wear next summer, too.  That’s how impressed I am with this particular swimsuit.

I was a bit worried the Rashguard would be too hot, especially in black.  At the time I ordered the swimsuits, black was the only one they had in stock in both our sizes.  I have to admit, it is hot if you aren’t in the water.  But if you’re in the water, it’s not hot at all.  It’s actually cooler when it’s wet than wearing a t-shirt.  Plus, it has the added bonus of not having to overly slather our bodies in sunscreen every hour.  That’s a major plus when you have a kiddo who just doesn’t enjoy being nagged to put on sunscreen.

So if you’re looking for a great “mommy and me swimsuit” … look no further than Yolipuli on Amazon.  I highly recommend it!