Butterfly 1st Birthday Party

Your little one will have lots of birthday parties, but there will only be one first birthday party. If you’re a new parent, this special occasion is not only for your little bundle of joy, it is also to celebrate your success at surviving the first year of parenthood.

Picking the theme is tough. I debated between multiple themes, but I finally landed on butterflies. I picked butterflies because they had been used in every monthly photo we took of our little one growing up, and I knew that would lend itself nicely to making an invitation.

Butterfly Birthday Party Invitation Idea

Since I work in PhotoShop on a daily basis, I knew I wanted to make my kiddo’s first birthday party invitation. So I picked out the best monthly photos of her growing up and created a collage. I picked the theme “Birthday Wishes & Butterfly Kisses” for her first celebration.

1st birthday Party butterfly birthday party invitation idea. Butterfly wishes and birthday kisses featuring baby photo collage invitation.

Butterfly Birthday Snacks & Party Favors

Next up I needed to figure out how to incorporate the theme easily into Birthday snacks and birthday party favors that young kids would enjoy.

For the butterfly tablescape, I wanted something that would resemble a butterfly. The center of the butterfly featured a bucket with bubble wands. Each wand had a flower hot glued to the top to symbolize a flower garden. The wings of the butterfly were made up of mini-butterflies. Each mini-butterfly was assembled using chips, a snack sandwich bag, and a decorated clothespin. Then other grab and go snacks were placed around the table.

1st birthday party for girls, butterfly birthday party table scape ideas.

My favorite 1st birthday party favor, however, was not the flower garden bubbles. It was a party favor I had been collecting for a few months. Using saved baby food jars from my child’s first few months of real food, I was able to create a colorful flower garden. I simply painted the tops of the jars green and glued flowers to the tops. Then I filled the baby food jars with colorful candy.

Butterfly birthday party theme party favor using old baby food jars. Features baby food jar with jellybeans and butterflies.

Next it was time to make the butterfly snacks. Since all young kids like Cheetohs, I went with those for the butterfly snack bag filler. The first thing I did was put a handful of the Cheetohs into the small snack bag. Then I zipped the bags and carefully moved the chips to each side. Finally, I placed a decorated clothespin in the middle of the bag. To decorate the clothespin, I simply added googly eyes and some ribbon for the antennas. I found the sparkly pink and purple clothespins at Michael’s Craft Store.

Butterfly snack bag for butterfly first birthday party. Butterfly snack bag uses clothespin, snack bag, and a crack. Cheetohs work well,

Next it was time to work on the birthday cake table. My mother-in-law and husband both enjoy baking, so I left this task up to them. They created enough cupcakes to make the number 1 in the middle of the table. Then they created a butterfly shaped smash cake for our bundle of joy to devour.

First birthday party butterfly cake and butterfly cupcakes on a first birthday party cake table.

When it came time to eat the smash cake, our little one was overjoyed. The beautiful butterfly soon transformed into a kid covered from head to toe in icing and cake crumbles.

First birthday party butterfly smash cake idea for birthday party for a little girl.

Finally, at the end of the party, I made sure to grab a photo of me with my little butterfly! She will grow up way too fast, and I know I will want to remember this moment to share with her down the road.

Butterfly first birthday party outfit idea.