How to Make Easter Confetti Eggs

Yesterday my toddler found her Easter basket tucked away in our storage closet, and she wanted to have a pretend egg hunt. Since we had just recently watched an episode of her favorite cartoon where two characters painted Easter eggs, I decided that could be our craft project for the day. We would do a practice run in February for Easter later this spring.

I had always wanted to make confetti eggs on my own, but I thought they would be extremely difficult. It turns out, they’re rather easy. But they are time consuming. My three year old was okay making the confetti and coloring a few eggs, but everything else was 100% Mom flying solo.

What You’ll Need to Gather

  • Butter Knife
  • Eggs
  • Bowl
  • Paper Towels
  • Paint Brush & Paint or Crayons
  • Construction Paper
  • Hole Punch, Scissors, or Paper Shredder
  • Glue
  • Tissue Paper

How to Make Confetti Eggs

  1. Using the butter knife, tap a hole large enough for your pointer finger to fit into the bottom of the egg.
  2. Using the knife, or your finger, pop the yolk.
  3. Turn the egg upside down and let the contents empty into the bowl. (If you are saving the eggs to make a quiche or other food, make sure to watch that pieces of the eggshell don’t fall into the bowl).
  4. Rinse the inside of each egg with water and place it hole side down on a paper towel to dry.
  5. Paint or color the eggs. (Crayons work best for young kids and are less messy).
  6. Make the confetti from your construction paper. (Smaller confetti made from a hole punch or scissors works better than confetti from a paper shredder. But if you are making eggs in bulk, a paper shredder may save time).
  7. Once your eggs paint is dry, insert confetti into each egg. Fill each egg about 1/4 full of confetti.
  8. Cut your tissue paper into small squares slightly bigger than your egg’s hole.
  9. Use a paintbrush to paint a small ring of glue around the hole.
  10. Place the tissue paper over the hole and affix it to the glue.
  11. Let the glue dry. Then have fun smashing the confetti eggs.

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