How to Avoid Bad Advice You Don’t Need for Your Disney Cruise

The internet is full of a lot of great information, and when it comes to your first Disney Cruise, it is also full of some outdated information and just plain old bad advice.

I’ve rounded up some of the tips you’ve probably read online already and revised them to be a bit more accurate.

Tip 1: Pack 2 Bottles of Sunblock

Early on as we were preparing our packing list, I read a blog post where someone recommended we pack one bottle of sunblock per day. Since we were going on a 7 night cruise, I purchased 7 bottles of sunblock on clearance.

We went during December, so we didn’t spend the same amount of time outdoors at the pools as we may have in June. But our family of three used less than half a bottle of rub on sunblock and never dealt with a burn. We applied regularly the two days we spent all day outdoors on the beach.

I would recommend you pack at least two bottles of sunblock during the summer months for an extended cruise, but you don’t need one bottle per day.

Tip 2: Pack Your Own Chocolate Chip Cookies

One of the things I was most excited to try from tips I had read online was ordering milk and cookies from room service at least one night during the cruise.

On our last night, I had my husband place our order while I was helping my daughter in the bath. I couldn’t wait to surprise her with them as we were packing our suitcases to disembark the next morning.

When the cookies arrived, they were hard as rocks and tiny to boot. From all the recommendations I had read online encouraging me to partake in this experience, I had assumed the cookies would be this magically delicious treat unlike any other cookie.

We all looked at the cookies on the cold Saran Wrapped plate and decided they were best left in the trash.

If you want to do milk and cookies one night aboard the ship, pack a box of Chips Ahoy Chocolate Chip cookies with you before you leave home. You can grab a few cartoons of milk from the buffet during breakfast and store them in your fridge for your milk and cookie night to save on room service tips, too.

Tip 3: You Don’t Need a Key Card to Power Electricity on the Disney Wonder

A lot of people have written tips that tell you to pack an old gift card or hotel room key to power electricity in your room. Apparently aboard some ships, you can only turn the power on in your rooms if a Card is inserted into a special slot.

This was not the case for us aboard the Disney Wonder. Our electricity worked just by flipping a switch on the wall. So if you’re traveling aboard the Disney Wonder, you won’t need to pack an extra old gift card just to power your stateroom.

Tips to Ensure You Have a Great Cruise

The remaining things I learned prior to our cruise were spot on. During our first cruise I wrote a list of 20 tips we learned throughout our trip. Click here to read them.

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