Disney Cruise Day 1 (Aboard the Disney Wonder)

Disney Cruise Day 1: Recap from the Disney Wonder Cruise ShipDay 1 of our first Disney Cruise is now in the books. It was much too cold to embark on the water activities, but the dolphins swimming in the bay (and ice cream) made being outside a bit bearable.

The evacuation drill outside in the chilling weather made me appreciate what it must have been like to be in the Titanic in a whole new light. It was the only part of the day that Emily truly didn’t enjoy. But, again, we got to watch dolphins!!!

We managed to sneak in a nap for Emily between 4:45 and 5:30 but she was so tired when she awoke, dinner at Animator’s Pallet was challenging. She didn’t want I go at all. Midway through dinner she spilled her ice water … all over me! All of a sudden, cold from earlier in the day was nothing!!! Emily took one look at the pizza they served her and refused to eat it. But when my ice cream Sunday arrived, it suddenly wasn’t mine. She ate all of it (sharing one bite and one cookie with me).

We missed getting to really see the Christmas Tree lighting because our dinner seating ran long. By the time we got there, all the good viewpoints were gone. If we do this again, I’ll make note to not let that happen.

The show this evening, however, was well worth the entire day. I don’t remember the last time I laughed and laughed and laughed. It held Emily’s attention the entire time.

The staff on the ship are amazing. Everyone calls Emily a princess.

The other guests aboard are equally as friendly. We have yet to meet people who aren’t overly social and just as excited as we are.

Emily loves the tiny bathtub and the fact that Disney Junior plays on the TV in our room. Plus her “magic” hide-a-bed is extra cool!!

And she was more excited that her Angel came on the ship than she was that her Fish Extender was full of gifts for her!

A successful Day 1. Calling it a night at midnight Eastern time.

We have a character breakfast scheduled for 8:45 a.m.