Implementing the Sales ARC at Your Business

There are multiple sales methods you can implement into your small business marketing plan to ensure you are seeing a steady stream of clients.  In the past, we have examined Sales Funnel. Today I want to examine an even simpler method to help you master small business sales and marketing – The ARC Method.

The ARC method is a simple way to remember the three keys to a successful sales conversation.

A: Ask
When you meet someone, don’t just jump straight in and tell them about the services you provide.  Instead, ask them open ended questions to learn more about them, so that you can tweak your message to fit their needs.

This is perhaps the number one mistake many marketers make when they are speaking to people about the services provided at their small business.

The moment we think we have a solution to someone’s problem, we jump on them like a wolverine and switch from “solution for you mode” to “our only solution” mode.  When you become aware that this is happening, you can then remind yourself to continually “Ask-Ask-Ask” with an intention of learning more about the individual.

R: Reflect
Once you realize how you can customize the services you provide, take a moment and reflect with statements to let the person know you were listening to them – and to also do a data check (did you really hear what they were saying)?

C: Commit
Once you are sure that you and the potential client are on the same page, ask them a series of closed questions (yes/no) that will lead them to committing to using your small business. 

Remember, as long as you believe in the service you are providing, it is your duty to tell everyone you can about it until they ask you to stop talking about it.

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