One Important Tip for Utilizing Your Mascot

One of the best things I ever helped implement in a marketing program was a mascot.  Not only did the mascot go viral socially through various marketing campaigns, but he has also become the very essence and symbol of what our brand stood for.

As I worked with consulting clients who were also implementing mascots I would often get the question: “Do you use your mascot on all print materials, ads, etc..?”

I thought that was a great question that merited a response for all of our readers.

Why Get a Mascot?
Before I can answer the first question, I need to explain the primary reason for having a mascot.  Studies have repeatedly shown time and again that audiences respond to life-like mascots in advertisements because most people, regardless of age, find animals cute or endearing. Mascots give animals a human dimension while loaning their charm and reliability to a brand.

Additionally, mascots can open doors to allow you to present in educational settings and even participate in events that you would otherwise not have been invited to without the mascot.

Where to Print Your Mascot?
Now back to the original question.  Where should you utilize your mascot’s likeness in traditional marketing materials? The answer is EVERYWHERE possible.

When you utilize print advertisements that contain your mascot, use real pictures of the mascot where possible participating in community events or actually in your business using your products.

The primary takeaway is when you utilize your mascot correctly in your marketing efforts, he becomes as much a part of your advertising efforts as your logo.  If it makes sense to have your mascot incorporated (even in just a small way) into any part of your marketing efforts, I highly encourage you to do just that.

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