The Cancer is Back…

meg2Sunday afternoon, as Brandon and I were packing for our vacation, we noticed a larger than normal lymph node in Meg’s throat area.  We were both concerned about it, so we asked Brandon’s mom to take her to the vet yesterday.

Joanna at Wisdom Animal Clinic saw her at 4 o’clock.  Shortly thereafter we got a phone call letting us know she, too, thought it was the cancer.  She had taken a sample to be sure and was waiting on the slide to dry in order to confirm her speculation.
Slightly before 5 o’clock she called back.  The sample showed Lymphoma cells.  Meg started her Prednisone treatment yesterday.  It will be the only treatment she does this round.  Joanna said it should give her 3-6 months.  Others have said as few as 2 weeks.
Either way is too short!  To be honest, I’m so angry with the world right now.  Here I lay in a bed 6 hours from my best little buddy, on vacation.  I won’t get to see her again until this weekend. I keep debating going back home.  I know I can’t change anything by doing so, and I know my family has been looking forward to this trip since March.
It is hard to believe that five months ago Meg was officially in remission and done with her last round of chemo.  The vet (and all the online blogs) said remission would last six to eighteen months!  By my count, Meg’s already been cheated one month.  She was such a fighter and trooper through the ups and downs of chemo.  She deserved her sixth month!!
As I lay here trying to stay positive, I can’t help but fear that three months might really be two weeks.  All I want right now is my Meg curled up beside me, licking the tears from my face, telling me everything is going to be okay.
Life is sure full of twists and turns.  It does everything on its time, and we are merely along for the ride.
Stay strong Miss Meg!  Enjoy your week with your grandparents and Poopie!!  We will be home soon, and I promise to make each moment I have left with you on this earth special!!  I live you Meg, and I am so thankful I was picked to be your mom!

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