Tips to Improve Facebook Fan Growth

There are so many options in social media today that it can be overwhelming to decide where to start, how to keep going, and what new avenues you should explore in your marketing.  Twitter is the fastest growing social media of 2013, but Pintrest, Instagram, and YouTube are also really growing.  And even though it was announced this week that Facebook is losing on average of 6 million users in the United States each month, it is still the site most marketers deem their core platform for social media marketing

In your social media marketing plan, Facebook is your launch pad for getting the conversation going with your clients in the virtual world.  It is where these people are able to walk through the marketing to buy cycle commonly referred to as, “Know, like, trust, buy!”  Done correctly, your new fan growth can turn into quality leads. But this only happens when you are truly building a community and not just jumping at the chance to sell your products/services to customers.

One of the questions I received last week from multiple people was, “How do I grow my fan base on Facebook?”  While this seemingly simple question appears at first to have an innocent answer, the reality is, it is much more complex.  It turns out there is no simple turnkey solution for attracting fans.  After helping build the social brand for businesses in multiple markets, I can honestly tell you that what works in one location doesn’t always work in another location.  But there are many techniques you can employ and test to find what will work in your market.  Today I’ll share a few of those with you.

1. Add a Facebook Like Box on Your Website
Add a Facebook Like Box directly to your website.  If your website is built in wordpress, there is a plugin called the “Facebook Like Box” Plugin.  Otherwise, your website designer should be able to add the Like Box to your website.  Also add the Like Box on all thank you pages on your website (i.e. sign-up for your newsletter, after submitting an online comment, etc…).

2. Utilize Your E-mail Signature
Chances are all emails going out from a company e-mail address associated with your business already have a link to your company’s website (and if they don’t, you should work to remedy that).  In addition, you should also have a link to your company’s social media pages, including Facebook.

3. Encourage Current Fan Engagement
One of the most grassroots ways to grow your Facebook Fan Base is simply by having your fans like and comment on your posts, so you’ll show up in their newsfeed, which in turn, encourages their friends to like your page.  Photos are still the most interactive way to get people to respond, as they stand out in a news feed.  One great way to increase engagement with photo posts is to not write a caption, but instead ask your fans to write a caption.  Another thing to keep in mind when you’re posting is you should always make sure you’re talking to your fans like you would talk to your best friend.

These are just a few tips to help you as you continue to work establishing your social media marketing plan.

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