3.5 Months Doggie Lymphoma Cancer Free


For those of you wondering how Meg-Meg is doing … the answer is “Just perfect!”  🙂

She went for her 3 month check-up last month, and her doctor said there are still no signs that the cancer is back.  YAY!!!  She is like the Meg-Meg we knew before all those weekly and bi-weekly treatments for canine lymphoma changed our lives!!

She is loving being outdoors in the beautiful spring weather we’re having right now in Arkansas, and we are cherishing every single day we have to share in her life!

We are still making her custom “dog food” every other week.  In fact, we made her dog food again yesterday.  And periodically we sneak her a few bites of popcorn (one of her very favorite treats — but too high in carbs for fighting off lymphoma).  We’ve found the human jerky is really the best treat.  While she liked the frozen fish pops, they were just too hard to cut.  And she gets just as much enjoyment when she hears the jerky bag!!  She comes running, and that tail just wiggle-wiggle-wiggles!!  🙂

You may have noticed her haircut in this week’s photo in the bluebonnets isn’t the true classic Meg hairstyle.  Her mom (that would be me) has never  claimed to be great at cutting her hair.  But she hates going to the groomer — so she and I did the best we could together!!  🙂

I post this so if you stumble upon my blog because you’ve just found out your dog has lymphoma, I want you to have hope.  Please read the other blogs in the Canine Lymphoma category, and feel free to e-mail me (tsbaiter @ gmail.com) if you have any questions about the diagnosis and the treatment options we did with Miss Meg-Meg.

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