Using YouTube to Promote Your Small Business

Did you know more people do searches for things on YouTube now then they do on Yahoo?  YouTube has become a search engine in its own right, and your online presence may be lacking if you haven’t taken the time yet to set-up a YouTube channel and fill it with videos.  Making videos doesn’t have to be difficult, but it should include an array of topics.  Today we’ll explore a few ideas for creating content to put on your YouTube Channel that can be done in-house.

Easy & Fun Slideshows
Do you take pictures of things you do as a group in the community?   Do you take photos when you dress up for things like St. Patrick’s Day?  Your company culture and involvement in the community can be shared with the world in just a few clicks of a button using on-line slideshow makers.  Iuse to make monthly slideshows. They even provide an array of music to use in the background.  Once you’re done, you can download your videos and share them on YouTube or Facebook.

New Services Offered Videos
Is your business offering a new service?  Recording a short video (1-5 minutes) demonstrating it, or highlighting its features, may improve the number of people who ask about it.  The video can be posted on YouTube and also placed on your company’s website page describing the service offered.

Not sure if video is wroth it?  Consider this.  According to Rico Nasol, a content team senior manager at, the site sells between 6-30% more merchandise when the product is accompanied by video content.

Informational Videos
Does your receptionist or marketing team find they are answering a lot of the same questions daily?  Why not take your FAQ page on your website out of 2005 and get with the times by turning your most frequently asked questions into video blogs?  This may not only increase the number of people who find you via searches on YouTube, but it may also prove to be beneficial on your business’s website.

These are just a few ideas for getting you started with a presence on YouTube.  Most of them can be accomplished using a standard digital camera or the latest Smart Phone.  Your limitations are only bound by your creativity.

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